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The Herring Girls History


A Herring Girl's Kist

A Herring Girl would travel with her own kist in which she would have packed the following items:-


A thin mattress, a pillow, sheet and pillow case, towel and flannels, blanket, six shifts, six knitted knickers and Sunday best.

Toiletries, hairbrush, cutlery, mug, plate, gutting knife and Bible.

Working clothes; long coat, a skirt, a gansey (sweater), aprons, six pairs of woollen stockings, shawl, helmets and working gumboots.

And for pleasure knitting needles, wool and knitting pouch tied around her waist.

Herring Girls on Film


Take a few moments tow browse through some of the films we have come across showing the Herring Girls, their life and work over the decades.  Whether it is a trip down memory lane, or learning about there remarkable women, we hope you enjoy.

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