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The Herring Girl Collection draws inspiration from those lasses who followed the Herring fleets around the North and East coasts of Britain.  The knitting, the colours, the pattern and what they created, all inspired by a way of life that lasted generations. 

Herring Girls and Knitting

Herring Girls and Knitting are connected with each other just line the sea and the shore, or the sun and the wind.  They led an almost completely nomadic lifestyle, taking every little bit of opportunity they had to make themselves and their loved ones things to wear, or to give or to use; practical and beautiful.


It might have kept their minds off the monotonous nature of gutting the herring, it might have reminded them of home, but a Herring Girl was never far from her needles and yarn. 

Shawls, Guernseys, Hats, Scarves, Cushions, and not forgetting the babies as well.  The modern Herring Girl Collection pays tribute to what they would have been knitting, the designs and even the patterns are the same.  We have a wider range of colours to chose from today, but I'm certain these lasses would have used all the colours available to them, so I'm sure they would approve of our colours.





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