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Knitted By Hand in The Hebrides

In time for Christmas

For International delivery, the last date for orders is December 8th.

For delivery to the UK, the last date for orders is the 15th of December.


In island culture, The Herring Girl is viewed as a hardworking, strong woman who was not scared of hard graft. I hope, through the Herring Girl collection, we can pay tribute to their resilience and thank them for keeping these unique traditions alive for us to take on.

My family who have been fisher folk and crofters for generations in the township of Bruernish on the Isle of Barra, whose traditions and designs have been handed down and inspired the Herring Girl Collection.  Clothes, Baby Clothes and Homewares are all hand knitted in the Western Isles following traditional patterns, using colours inspired by the beautiful sea, shore and land around my home port of Castlebay (CY).

The Herring Girl knitted products combine traditional values of durability, simplicity and beauty in long lasting, stylish garments.  Give yourself a treat, or brighten up a loved one's life with a wonderful gift.  That's what the Herring Girls did.

Have a quick browse through some of our products below, or see all the products in the Shop.

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